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"Ms Bradshaw was apparently born with the ability to produce a gorgeous sound on the flute, and she has attained a technical mastery to go with it."

David Shostac

Los Angeles Based Flutist 

Image of David Shostac and Denia Bradshaw playing flute in rehearsal
Image of American Youth Symphony at Universal City Walk on a large digital billboard

"I’ve known Denia for many, many years. I have always marveled at her ability to adapt to any situation and make herself invaluable. She’s a wonderfully intuitive, talented and top tier musician, whose musicality is beyond reproach. As a person, I’ve always found her to be a gentle soul and compassionate in any situation. She would be a valuable addition to any ensemble or organization. I could not recommend her more highly."

"Denia Bradshaw is a phenomenal musician.  Not only are her technique, musicality and sight reading abilities impeccable, but her professionalism and good nature make any recording session or performance congenial, positive and efficient."

Max Mueller 

Los Angeles Based Composer

flute player on the left playing next to a trumpet player on the right

Charles Fernandez

Emmy Nominated Composer

Image of Denia Bradshaw and Anna Choi playing flute at a recording studio

"In only two weeks Denia greatly improved my tone and facility in the upper range of the flute with her in depth approach to tone production and thorough knowledge of flute repertoire and excersices. Denia is a patient teacher and her versatility allows her to work with any level of player, determining what skill level they are at and then customizing a curriculum that will insure success."

Max Kaplan

Los Angeles Based Woodwind Doubler

"I highly respect the high calibre Flutist, Artist and Lady called Denia Bradshaw she is a Joy to work with and has  the highest integrity in everything she accomplishes! They don't come any better!"

Frederick Staff
Founder and artistic Director of Song of the Angels Flute Orchestra and Flauti Virtuosi Di Los Angeles

Image of Song of Angels Orchestra with conductor and soloist

Focused on Equity Practices

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