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Flute Instruction


Welcome to the flute instruction page!

I have been playing flute for over 23 years and been teaching one-on-one private instruction for over 15 years. I have had students of all ages, abilities, and walks of life and even though students come to me for guidance in this area - I am grateful to share that after all these years and the hundreds of students I have had - each student has taught me something about teaching, music, and what it is to be humbled and human. That said, my philosophy when it comes to teaching comes from an understanding that we are co-creating a learning space together. I do not believe in "dictating" every move of the student, rather, I guide the learner by asking questions and having them reach conclusions and understanding of the material and expectation by means of inquiry, reflection, and meta-cognition so that students guide their own learning with the goal that they become expert independent thinkers, learners, and responsible and compassionate people in society. I believe in empowering students to reach their potential not just in music as flutists, but in all aspects of their life, passions, and contributions to their communities and to future generations. 

My most treasured memory of music as a child was about community and collaboration, and I take that approach, along with employing a life-long learning and growth mindset lens when it comes to instruction. 

If you have any questions please send me an email or fill out the form below. 

The studio policy I uphold (exceptions are always made, so please reach out) can be found on the right to this message. 

Studio Policy 

Focused on Equity Practices

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